Dear friend,

When the pace of life is fast and the pressure is heavy, we will long to find a quiet stop where our taste and soul can be deeply soothed. Here, we package this healing feeling into every bowl of dried fruits and nuts, and every pot of precious tea, allowing you to find your own little happiness in the busy rhythm.

For just 50 beads, you can find dried fruits and nuts with rich flavor at our store. You can choose from three favorite varieties, each with its own unique features. Walnuts are crispy and nutritious, dried kumquats are sweet and sour, walnuts have delicate flesh, and dried passion fruits are sour and sweet. They will instantly satisfy your appetite and bring color to your life together with your health.

Where there is tea, there is poetry and painting. In particular, our specially selected tea has a particularly distinctive flavor, a light floral aroma, and a charming and peaceful taste. For 80 beads, you will have a whole pot, which you can enjoy whether you are on your lunch break or in your spare time. And the most important thing is that the tea here is unlimitedly refillable. Every time you brew, it is a new page of story, I look forward to your reading and feeling.

If you just want a spoonful, don't worry as we have a free small cup of tea. It's like a ray of breeze in the story, short-lived but with infinite freshness and power. You can also chat with friends while sipping tea and enjoy the comfortable slow life.

Whatever you're looking for, whether you need healing or relaxation, we've got it here. Every flavor and every experience is carefully prepared by us, just so that you can find something that touches your heart. What are you still hesitating about? Come to us, find your taste oasis, and let your life continue sweetly.