Face mask


To protect the health of the general public with the innovation of environmentally friendly products and the reduction of tasted materials by intensively integrating upstream and downstream suppliers.

TT Champion is established to realize the total solution of mask production and reduce the carbon footprint in one single factory. Currently, we have done the melt blow and the face masks as the first stage and will carry out the rest part, namely nosewire, ear loops, outer and inner layer material(PP, PET) in the near future.

Masks have become a symbol of our times for more than 800 days. To protect the general public's health but save the planet simultaneously, TTC leads the industry in launching all-PP material masks that are 100% recyclable. And more innovations are already on the way.



TT Champion has an endeavor to continuously improve our performance on environmental stewardship, ethical business practices,
social responsibility, employee well-being, and product responsibility.


We cannot compromise on the quality of the product and our service. Providing training and development programs designed to ensure that employees have the necessary skills and knowledge is what we do for continuous improvement.


TTC has established a consistent standard for the delivery of our products and services, including processes for quality control, customer service, and complaint handling.


Following TTC's innovation strategy, we create a culture of innovation within the company, promoting creativity and encouraging employees to generate new ideas, together with the establishment of intellectual property protection and partner collaboration.


|Concentrating on innovation|Striving for excellence|Fulfilling various demands of the market

|Pursuing a better mask wearing experience|

We Pursue Three Outstanding


Good quality ear loop and no more ear pain, more breathable and better breathing quality.

High Filtration Efficiency

Align with the international standard of BFE, PFE, VFE.


Various designed products to fit your daily dress.

We dedicate our craftsman’s spirit to the high-quality face mask to protect people’s health.