tea leaves

Welcome to our boutique tea shop, we bring you a series of premium tea products, allowing you to find a moment of leisure and comfort in your busy life.
First, we have the classic black tea. Every sip brings out the delicate layers, from the sweet malt flavor to the profound fruity and woody aroma, each flavor is strong but not dry, leaving people with an aftertaste. The color of black tea sparkles like amber, full of charming charm.
Next up is our green tea range. Green tea is exceptionally fresh and retains the natural flavor of tea leaves. Freshly brewed green tea has a mild grassy aroma, fresh and soft. Our range of green teas holds many surprises, including the incredibly flavourful Jasmine Tea, which has a deep and lasting aroma, like the fragrance of jasmine flowers on a summer night. At the same time, we also provide osmanthus green tea, which is filled with the fragrant fragrance of osmanthus and makes you feel like you are walking in the osmanthus forest in autumn.
The last thing we want to introduce is Zhihuangzhong Huang Oolong Tea. This semi-fermented tea has a rich taste and sweet aftertaste. When you officially taste it, you will be deeply attracted. In its complex flavor, you can taste the sweetness of flowers and fruits, and also have a touch of tannin, which combines the mellowness of black tea and the freshness of green tea.
Whether you're a tea novice or an expert, our diverse selection allows you to find your favorite. So, don’t stay away from the intimate fragrance of tea, come to us, let us explore this tea journey together, taste every style, and enjoy every health. Looking forward to your visit, our store is always open for you.